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Whidbey Island Steelhead

If you are wanting to do a little saltwater steeheading, I would have to say that the time is right for you to get out and partake of this unique fishery. We have been getting wind of some fish being caught off the western beaches of the island this past week. In fact one of our customers managed to land three in two trips this week. This season has been far more productive this year than last.


Of the western beaches Bush Point, Lagoon Point and Fort Casey tend to be the most popular spots for steelhead fishing though many others do produce fish. Make sure that you fish the public portions of Bush and Lagoon Point as most of the beaches are privately owned, or gain permission from the landowners.


Stop by if you have any questions on this fishery as it is unique in the type of gear that is used and the fishing is tide related. We'll be glad to help you out!

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