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Whidbey Island Salmon Fishing

If you are wanting to fish the Whidbey Island beaches this season it's time for you to do such! We have been getting better reports every week since it has opened and with September 4th the last day of this season approaching you had better not wait. We had a very good report from Bush point this morning with good numbers of pinks being landed. Bush Point, Lagoon Point and Fort Casey all provide some access to the beaches. Make sure that you fish off the public areas or have permission to fish from privite beaches. Remember the land owners do own the tidelands, make sure to ask before you venture forth in front beachfront homes.


Most angles are fishing Rotators or Buzz Bombs for the pink salmon in pinkish colors. Many are enhancing their lures with the addation of a small pinkish hoochie (squid) over their hook.

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