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Whidbey Island Beach Fishing

The Whidbey Island beach salmon fisheries have not been stellar so far this season. There have been a few fish being caught virtually every day, but hot it's not! This could turn around any day and fishing could be fantastic. 


Spoke with Danny at Possession Point Bait Company (360) 579-4704 Wednesday evening to see what was happening at his place. He said that the fishing had been slow, but fish were being caught, On Wednesday there were just 3 fish landed, Tuesday 3, Monday 7 and Sunday produced 9. Not hot fishing by any means but at least there are a few fish being caught. He has lots of minnow herring on hand mixed with a few larger plug cuts if you are in need of bait. 


We have lots of beach fishing tackle on hand, with lots of Rotators, Buzz Bombs and float fishing tackle. If you haven't fished the beaches before stop by and we;ll be glad to give you a hand setting up.


Remember that the Marine Area 9 beaches are open for Hatchery Coho only with a 2 fish limit. Area 9 will close at the end of September (September 3oth last day). Marine Area 8-2 is open for both Hatchery and Wild Coho with a 2 fish limit. Area 8-2 will be open through September 23rd. Marine Area 8-1 will be open for both Hatchery and Wild Coho with a two fish limit. Area 8-1 will be open through September 30th.

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