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Whidbey Island Beach Fishing

The beach fishing in Marine Area 9 is now starting to heat up and will continue through September 4th. This season we have a beach fishing only opportunity for pinks and hatchery coho. Though it is not popular with boat owners, it at least gives anglers a chance to fish.

Some of the most productive spots to fish are on the western side of Whidbey Island where the lions share of fish going to Puget Sound and Hood Canal will pass on their way to their home streams. Bush Point, Lagoon Point and Fort Casey are the favorites. Make sure that you know where you can fish as most of the beaches are in fact privately owned. Fort Casey is State Park land and allows the greatest amount of public access. Bush Point has public access noth of the boat launch as well as a small area by the light house on the south beach. Lagoon has very limited public acces, so make sure you know where you are. Another popular area is off the beach at Point No Point at the Northeast tip of the Kitsap Penn.

For the pink salmon a pink colored Buzz Bomb or Rotator are the number one choices. Some anglers add a small hoochie over the hook for a tad bit of additional enticement. For the silvers go to chartreuse or geen colored offerings or try fishing a small herring under a float.

This is a very non typical year, make sure to read your regulations well. Just don't assume things are back to normal regulation wise as it is not!

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