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Wallace & Skykomish River Coho

With the increase in water flows on both the Wallace and Skykomish recently we have seen some fairly good fishing for Coho on both streams. Today looks as if the Skykomish is toast with the rains yesterday and last night but the Wallace might be a good bet even though in might be just on the marginal edge. We'll just have to see what happens the next few days to see what the river will do, but when the water starts to drop and come into shape it should produce the best Coho fishing we will more than likely have this season.


I have seen some nice photos of customers fish the past couple of days and there were more than a few nice Coho in the pictures.


Twitching Jigs seemed to be some of the best producing lures for our customers with both Aero Twitching Jigs by Hawken Fishing as well as Coho Carnage and Twith-Blade Jigs by John's Jigs in 3/8 & 1/2 ounce models. Vibrex Spinners in size 3's and 4's have also been doing well. Many have been adding a small 1 1/2 to 2 inch squid to their spinner for additional attraction. Don't forget fishing eggs as when Coho are on them it's a technique that is hard to beat.

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