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Very Good Coho Fishing

The coho fishing in the local marine areas has really ramped up over this past week and over the holiday weekend.  We have had numerous folks in the shop over the past week that have done extremely well on coho.  There are two distinct sizes of fish with the local fish being in the 2 1/2 - 5 pound range and the ocean fish being 7 - 14 pounds.  We have heard rumors or larger fish but personnally have not seen them or any pictures of larger fish, though I am sure that there is an odd one. 


If you are looking for good coho fishing I would have to say that the next three weeks may be the best that we may see during the season so you should plan accordingly.


With the Edmond's Coho Derby coming up this next Saturday (September 7th) I would have to say they are spot on with their timing once again and the derby should see some outstanding fishing for those poarticipating.

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