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Tulalip Bubble Fishery Opens

Today marks the start of the Tulalip Bubble fishery in Marine Area 8-2. If you are wanting to do a little saltwater salmon fishing this is the only game in town at the present time until the San Juans open on July 1st or the July 16th opener in Marine Area;s 9 and 10. This is a small terminal area fishery off the mouth of Tulalip Bay and is open only part of the week on Friday's through Monday's at noon. Make sure to read your regulations as to the areas boundries and the few days of exception to the normal days that it is open for fishing. In this area you are allowed 2 salmon per day and both can be Chinook (22 inch minimum) and can be either wild or hatchery fish. Another unique thing in this area is that you are able to fish two rods (if you have a two rod endorsement) which allows one to present a couple of differen offerings and fish different depths.


This fishery is mot know to be highly productive with a good day yeilding a fish for every ten boats or so, but it is the only game in town!

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