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Time To Go Shad Fishing - Numbers Soar Over Bonneville

With 45,523 shad going over Bonneville on Wednesday and 33,472 over yesterday it's time to pack up your gear and head down to bend a rod for a day or two. We have heard good reports for the past week or so from customers that have gone down. The fishing has been considerably better than last season as the water flows have been higher, which pushes the shad into areas that are more accessable to bank anglers. This fishery should be hot for the next two to three weeks.


Everyone does something different with their catch! Some just go for the enjoyment of catching them and release every one. Some go to collect some mighty fine bait for crab, shrimp or sturgeon. Some really like to put them on the table in various forms. I've tried them just about every way and I am really not impressed with their table qualities. There are many fish species that I much prefer.


We have lots of shad gear on hand and will be happy to show you how to set it up.

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