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They Are Here! Pinks Have Hit The Beaches Of Western Whidbey Island

It seems the pink salmon fishery will have an extremely early start this year. We started to hear about an odd pink salmon being caught this past weekend and this week the numbers have just steadily increased. We heard of a few pinks being landed at Point No Point in the middle of the week and a fair number being caught at Bush Point and Lagoon Point all week long. Today we had one of the guys have a four fish limit off Lagoon Point in short order. Lots of pinks were caught all this week off the west side of San Juan Island. We even heard of a couple of pinks caught off Edmonds this morning.


Without a doubt this is the earliest I have ever seen pinks showing up in the catches. Hopefully it's a sign of an outstanding run!


Ted's is stocked up will pink gear! We have everything you will be needing to pursuit them. Just stop by and we'll be more than happy to help you rig up.

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