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Summer Crab Catch Record Cards Need To Be Returned

Just a reminder to all of you crabbers out there to send in your summer catch record card or you can due it online. If you are going to crab in the remaining areas that are still open then you need to procure a winter crab catch record card as of today.


We have been having folks asking if there is going to be a winter crab season here in our local areas. At the present time we have no idea. WDFW will use the data on the returned crab catch record card as well as their boat ramp checks to determine if there is enough crab allocation in each area to allow additional time this fall and winter. Just as soon as we hear anything we will post it here on the website.


If you still want to crab there is still some additional time in Marine Area 7 (San Juans). Make sure to check the WDFW crab regulations.

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