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Squiding - Yes It Has Started

Squiding has been off to an early start this season here in Puget Sound. We have been going though good numbers of squid jigs over the past month. We have been seeing very consistant fishing for some time at the normal locations with Edmonds, A Dock at Shilshole, Seattle Waterfront, Seacrest Pier and Des Moines on this side of the Sound with Bremerton, Illahee and Brownsville all turning out squid on the Kitsap side. As in any fishery there is no knowing what night is going to be the best and turn out good numbers. Some nights there can be good fishing only to be disrupted when seals come in to forage on the bounty.  Most of the squid that we have been seeing are the mid range size in the 5 to 6 inch range.


So if you are wanting to do something in the evenings you might want to give a few hours of squiding a try off one of the local piers. The season is just getting started and will generally run through mid January when the squid go into the spawn. When finished spawning they die, this years spawn provides next years fishing as they only live about a year in their life cycle.


Ted's has a great selection of squid jigs as well as lots of product on hand if you want to build some of your own.

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