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Squid Fishing

Overall, we have seen a relatively good squid season here in the Puget Sound region. We have had good reports coming in from the Edmonds pier as well as the Seattle waterfront. Productivity does vary from night to night as well as certain periods of the tide. Generally speaking it is best on the later portion of the incoming flood tide through the high slack. Try and pick tides that do not have an extreme change as they are not as productive as there is just too much water movment. Tides that are earlier in the evening are generally prefered by the public and are more crowded. Tides that are early in the morning (1:00 - 3:00 am) will find very few folks fishing and you will have no problem finding a spot.


Squidding should be good through mid January when they begin their spawning activities which when finished the squid dies.


Ted's has lots of squid jigs on hand for those that want to give this winter activity a try.

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