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Spot Shrimp Fishery Closes In Marine Area 6 Outside Of Discovery Bay

Spot shrimp fishery closes in Marine Area 6 outside Discovery Bay

Action: Closes the recreational spot shrimp fishery in Marine Area 6 outside the Discovery Bay Shrimp District.

Effective date: July 2, 2020

Species affected: Spot shrimp and non-spot shrimp.

Location: Marine Area 6 outside the Discovery Bay Shrimp District.

Reason for action: Preliminary catch estimates indicate the state harvest target has been met for spot shrimp in this area.

Additional information: With the closure of spot shrimp fisheries in this area, non-spot shrimp fisheries will open through Oct. 15, 2020. Pots with a minimum mesh size of 1/2 inch will be allowed in this area starting July 2, 2020.

Information contact: Don Velasquez, Fish and Wildlife Biologist, 425-775-1311, ext. 112.


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