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Special Deal! - 1/4 Oz Jig Heads With Gamakatsu 1/0 Heavy Wire Hooks

Ted's has a special deal on 1/4 oz Jig Heads with heavy wire Gamakasu 1/0 hooks. These jigs are a round head without a collar, ideal to tie your steelhead jigs on.  Ready to paint or powdercoat in your favorite colors.


$22.99 / 50  (That's .45 cents ea.)


$39.99 / 100  (That's .40 cents ea.)


The least expensive way to ship them is USPS Priority Flat Rate $5.80 for a small box anywhere in the United States.  We can get a bunch of jigs into a small box.


For those of you that are wanting 1/8 or 1/16 ounce jig heads on Gamakatsu Heavy Wire size 1 Hooks, we will have some in the very near future for the same price.  When they arrive we will post it on the website.


Give us a call at (425) 743-9505 to place your order.  Supplies are limited so don't wait too long.

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