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Snohomish,snoqualmie, Skykomish & Wallace River Salmon Fishing Rules To Change

Salmon fishing rules to change on Snohomish,
Snoqualmie, Skykomish and Wallace rivers  

Action:  Closes all salmon fishing in the following areas: Snohomish River, Snoqualmie River, and the Skykomish River upstream of the Wallace River.

In addition, all salmon must be released except for marked hatchery coho on the Wallace River and the Skykomish River from the mouth to the Wallace River.

Effective date:  Sept. 29 through Nov. 15, 2018.

Species affected:  Salmon.

Location:  Snohomish, Snoqualmie, Skykomish, and Wallace rivers.

Reason for action:  In-season run size updates indicate that the Snohomish wild coho run is lower than the pre-season forecast. These measures are needed to protect future runs of coho by increasing chances wild spawner escapement goals are met.  

Additional information: Areas that remain open for salmon have a daily limit of two fish, release all salmon other than hatchery coho. Gamefish remain open in these rivers as described in the 2018-19 Fishing Rules Pamphlet.

For the Wallace River, the area between the hatchery weir and 400 feet downstream of the weir remains closed until the weir is removed.   

If coho salmon abundance improves, fisheries may be reopened. 

Information contact: WDFW, Mill Creek, Region 4 Office, (425) 775-1311. 

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