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Snohomish River To Open For Pink Salmon September 1st - 3rd

Snohomish River to open for 3-day pink salmon fishery


Action: Opens the Snohomish River to pink salmon retention.

Effective date: Sept. 1 through Sept. 3, 2019.

Species affected: Pink salmon.

Location: Snohomish River, from the mouth (Burlington-Northern Railroad bridges) (including all channels, sloughs, and interconnected waterways, but excluding all tributaries) upstream to the confluence of Skykomish and Snoqualmie rivers.

Reason for action: The Snohomish River was originally closed for pink salmon retention under a state and tribal co-manager agreement to protect pink salmon. Early information indicates that the return of pinks to the Snohomish River is large enough to support a small recreational fishery in the river.

Additional information: Salmon; min. size 12", daily limit 1. Release all salmon other than coho or pink salmon. Night closure. Anti-snagging rules apply, except for sturgeon.

Salmon retention rules on the Skykomish and Snoqualmie remain unchanged at one coho only.

Fishery managers will continue to monitor the pink run and evaluate for possible future openings.

Please see the 2019/2020 Washington Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet for additional rules or visit the WDFW website at https: //

Information contact: WDFW Mill Creek Office: (425) 775-1311.


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