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Smelt Fishing Coronet Bay

Smelt fishing has picked up the past week or so at Coronet Bay. Up until recently the fishing has been almost non existant this Fall. Folks had some fairly impressive catches of these tasty little fish this past week. The best tide has been the last of the incoming to the high tide. This should be the start of the season and should go through the Winter and into the Spring.

This is a very simple fishery requiring the minimum of tackle. A typical trout spinning rod with 6 - 8 pound line, a Gamakatsu Smelt/Herring Jig in a size 4 or 5 and a 1/2 - 3/4 ounce bell or cannonball sinker will round out your outfit. Throw in a bucket for your catch and your ready to go.

When you drive into Coronet Bay State Park you will see a T shaped dock just past the bathroom complex which is one dock that you can fish from. A little further there is boat launch and the adjoining docks that you can also fish from. If you do fish from these, Make sure you do not cause any proplems with the boaters that are trying to launch or retrive their boats as this is what these docks are designed for.

Make sure to take your Discovery Pass with you, as you will need it to park and use the State Park facilities.

If you have any questions, feel free to stop by and we'll be more than happy to fill you in on this fishery. It's a great one to take the kids on.

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