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Skykomish Steelhead Reports

This week has shown consistant fishing in the Reiter Pond, Proctor Creek and Cable Hole section of the Skykomish. All this week we have had customers coming into the shop that have caught limits of sttelhead from this section of the river. In fact we had one of the guys that had 8 fish on this morning in order to land his two. He also mentioned that he saw a number of fish landed by other anglers. All in all this year has been far better on the Skykomish than last. Hopefully it will last into the first part of next year.


Though they are talking about a lot of rain in the next couple of days we will just have to wait and see if the river will stay in shape or not. We'll just have to take our chances.


We have been hearing of some fair fishing in the section between High Bridge and Sultan for those anglers that have been floating that streach of river. They are getting at least a fish or two for their efforts.

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