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Skykomish Steelhead Open Monday June 1st

The Skykomish opens on Monday June 1st and it looks like we should have a very good opener. We have had a number of guys that have gone and taken a look at the Reiter Ponds section of the river to see what is holding in that section of the river. With the very low and clear water conditions that we have this season it's easy to see what's there with a good pair of polarized glasses. Everyone that we have spoke with that has been up there says the same thing  - there are "LOTS' of fish! That coupled with the reports we have had this Spring from the beach fishermen on the western beaches of Whidbey Island having a fantastic fishery on hatchery summer run steelhead makes me believe we should see a very good opener. Though I will have to say I think the fishery will get get very tough after the first few days with the water conditions. We have never seen conditions like we have this season. The river already has less water that we normally have in late August. Unless we have a very wet summer we will be in a world of hurt this summer.


If you have a chance of getting out on Monday I would have to say it would be worth your while. Don't think you are going to be by yourself as there is no way that will be the case. We have had lots of folks gearing up this week for the opener.


We'll post some very quick reports on Monday morning from the Sky as I have made it Johns job for the day to see what is going on.



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