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Skykomish Steelhead Fishing

This seasons Winter steelhead fishing on the Skykomish has been less than stellar so far this season. Here we are in mid December and we have seen just fair fishing at best. Part of the slowness has been due to the cooler low water conditions that we have had for the last week or so. Hopefully, we will start to see some rain tomorrow through the weekend and perhaps we'll see a bump in the water and bring in some fresh fish. Generally, we should see the best of our steelhead fishing on the Skykomish and Wallace from the middle of December through the middle of January. The best bet at the present time would be in the Reiter Ponds section of the Sky or the Wallace just below the hatchery. I would be sticking to small presentations due to the low clear & cold water. Might try tossing a spoon to provoke a strike.

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