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Skykomish River Steelhead Reports 6/08/2015

Since the opening of the Skykomish on June 1st the steelhead reports have been slower and slower with the very low water conditions that we have had. There are fish being caught but it is no where as good as what was anticipated. The guys that are catching fish have already gone to low water techniques with longer lighter leaders and small presentations. Make sure to scale down your offering if you are wanting to get bit. It looks as if we are going into a long dry spell for some time. When we do get a good rain that brings the river up it will be time to beet feet and get up to the river as it will bring on a bite.


I spoke with one of the guides fishing Sultan down and it has been tough for him with 0 to 2 fish being the norm for his clients. He says the river is still dropping making it impossable to fish above Sultan with a power boat.

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