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Skykomish River Steelhead Report - June 1st 2015

With the anticipation of another great opening day on the Skykomish today the reports that we have received this morning have been just HoHum to say the least. John fished the Cable Hole section of the river this morning and said there were 60+ anglers fishing that section of the river and he perhaps saw a half dozen fish landed. Not fantastic by any means! John managed to hook just a single fish this morning which he lost.


One of our other contacts fished the Reiter Pond section and said that we saw around 20 fish hooked in that secttion of the river. He said he anticipated more fishermen than were there. Many guys left fairly quickly when they found the fishing was not exactly hot.


Why the bite was as slow as it was is hard to explain. Perhaps the weather change had something to do with it. In any case we'll get a better read on things over the next couple of days.


Will post more as we hear more today.



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