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Skykomish River - Reiter Ponds

We have been hearing nothing but good reports coming out of the Reiter Ponds section of the Skykmoish since the June 1st opener. Lots of nice summer run steelhead with a few late winter runs as well as some down river winter runs. In the Sultan area there have been a fair number of summer runs intercepted on their way upriver as well as a few Chinook destined for the Wallace. John was up on the upper river both on Tuesday and Thursday this week and found fish both days. On Tuesday he fished about four hours and hooked four and had three to hand. On Thursday he again fished for about four hours and hooked three and landed two. Not Bad! The cooling weather has kept the river from blowing out and it looks as if the weather is going to continue to stay that way for awhile which should give us good river conditions for some time.
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