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Skykomish River Opens For Summer Run Steelhead And Spring Chinook

The Skykomish River will open this Saturday, May 23rd. Many anglers anticipate this popular fishery every year which provides some of the best summer run steelheading here in Puget Sound. The Reither Pond section of the river is where most of the action takes place with most of the annual catch landed in the mile section of river slightly above and below the hatchery outlet creek. This is by no means a secret spot and you will not be fishing by yourself, in fact it's combat fishing at it's very finest. Though there are many anglers, most all seem to get along and coordinate their fishing as to lessen the tangles etc. associated with number of fishermen. The past few years the first few weeks of the season produces the best fishing.

Lower on the Skykomish anglers will be fishing for Spring Chinook. With the river being open from the confluence of the Sky with the Snohomish up to the Wallace River.

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