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Skykomish River Opening Day Reports

There was no lack of boats in the Sultan stretch of the Skykomish today with around 60 rigs and trailers at the boat launch. With that many rigs we did hear of a few conflicts between boaters today. As is always the case there are a few boaters with not a clue as to what they are doing and tend to go against the grain of things and make for some hard feelings. It is to be expected with that many folks fishing in a fairly compact area. Even with a good amount of boat pressure we did hear of fish being caught. There was a mix of Chinook as well as late wild winter run steelhead as well as chrome bright hatchery summer run steelhead. The Chinook came from the mouth of the Wallace as well as a few of the deeper holes downriver. The steelhead came from the shallow edges just off the banks as well as the tail outs. The water was up a fair amount today and had the glacial green/grey color with perhaps a foot of visability. With the warmer weather that we are to have this weekend and upcoming week it will be hard to say if the river will stay in shape or not! We will just have to wait and see. The bank anglers in the upper section of the river at Reiter Ponds and the Cable Hole section did find some hatchery summer runs. We had a number of guys in that did manage to get their two fish limits today. Overall, I would say it was a fair opener with a least some fish being caught. I would say the vast majority of both bank and boat anglers did not connect today but at least everyone said they saw fish caught around them.
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