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Skip Morris Fly Fishing Seminar To Benefit Teal Lake


Fly Fishing Seminar to Benefit Teal Lake

Internationally renowned Washington fly fisher and fly tier, Skip Morris will present a one-day fly fishing seminar to benefit the management of Teal Lake located in Port Ludlow, WA. Hosted by the Port Ludlow Fly Fishers club, Skip describe proven techniques for fly fishing lakes gained through years of hands-on experience.  The seminar will be held from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturday, January 31, 2015 at the Bay Club, located at 120 Spinnaker Place, Port Ludlow.  The price for the seminar is $30 a person ($15 for ages 17 and under) in advance or $35 a person ($20 for ages 17 and under) at the door.  Price includes lunch.

Skip Morris, a name fly fishers know well, has published 17 books on fly fishing and fly tying over the past 25 years (including Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple, Western River Hatches, Trout Flies for Rivers, and Morris & Chan on Fly Fishing Trout Lakes).  He also has to his credit over 200 magazine articles on these topics.  He is the host on six instructional videos and was also among the regular hosts of the "Fly-Fish Television Magazine" show, which was broadcast throughout the US and overseas.  Skip’s audiences, in the US, Canada, and overseas, have found his seminars to be entertaining and informative.  Recently he and Lefty Kreh were co-headliners at the Great Waters shows in Chicago and Minneapolis.

Skip and his wife, Carol, who provides much of the photography and all the illustrations in Skip’s works, live on Washington’s lush Olympic Peninsula with its myriad opportunities for both fresh and saltwater fly fishing.     

The seminar will have three PowerPoint presentations and a fly tying demonstration designed to enhance your success in fishing lakes such as the many found here on the North Olympic Peninsula. 

The morning sessions will cover

Fishing the Surface of a Trout Lake.  Trout lakes represent a whole world of fly fishing that many anglers are missing. This PowerPoint presentation takes you through the techniques, tackle, and flies that catch trout that are feeding in the top layer of a lake. Here you will learn about lake entomology, the intricacies of chasing and catching path-rising trout, when to expect surface feeding on chironomids, and a great deal more...with innovative ideas and images that entertain.

Fishing the Depths of a Trout Lake.  As in streams, trout in lakes do most of their feeding well down. This PowerPoint presentation explores fishing with sinking lines and with floating lines using weighted flies on very long leaders. In this show you will learn how to determine if trout in a lake are feeding deep, what they are feeding on, and how to turn this knowledge into good fishing. Of course, depth is relative—in the case of lake trout, it ranges from only a half dozen feet down to thirty.

Following a lunch served at the venue the afternoon sessions will cover

Fly Fishing for Bass & Panfish.  This entertaining, instructional PowerPoint presentation, on fly fishing for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and panfish, will show you how to catch these much misunderstood but highly worthy fishes. Skip has twice taken this show to the deep South—the best bass water in the world— as a request to show the local boys what they are missing and how to take advantage of what they have. Interest in fly fishing for bass and panfish is clearly growing; accordingly, so is curiosity about this marvelous still-under-appreciated sport.

Tying Flies for Trout Lakes.  Skip will explain how tie and when to fish the flies he uses most often in both Olympic Peninsula and Western Washington trout lakes.  As he ties, Skip will impart techniques that will enable you to tie better flies. Skip's written hundreds of magazine articles and 11 tying books--fly tiers, don't miss this!

The Port Ludlow Fly Fishers (PLFF) club was founded in 1994 and incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of Washington. The club is dedicated to art of fly fishing and conservation.  With an original grant awarded by the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) and the support of local merchants, the club developed and constructed Teal Lake Park, a 16-acre fly fishing lake for the public, including access for the physically disadvantaged.   With the help of local fly fishing clubs and other individuals, the club continues management and maintenance of Teal Lake Park.   The club has regular field days to maintain the park, and both the club and WDFW make annual trout plants to make the lake a premier destination for local and visiting anglers.

All proceeds from the seminar will go to the PLFF Teal Lake fund for its continued management and maintenance.   You are encouraged to register early to guarantee your space for this informative and entertaining seminar.  Please make checks payable to PLFF Teal Lake Fund and mail them to PLFF, 81 Puget Loop, Port Ludlow, WA 98365.  For more information, please contact Bill Master at (360) 437-7976.

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