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Skagit & Sauk C & R Fisheries

We have another five days of fishing on the C & R sections of the Skagit and Sauk Rivers this week, Wednesday through Sunday, April 18th - April 22nd. The fishing conditions were less than stellar this past weekend with the Sauk being out of shape and the Skagit from the Sauk downstream also being virtually unfishable. Hopefully, we'll see a tad bit better conditions this week. With better weather we should see the Sauk coming into shape and with it the Skagit from the Sauk's mouth downstream.


We did not hear of any fantastic fishing on the Skagit with just a fish here or there being caught. Most fished from Rockport up to Marblemount. If the Sauk does clear up a bit we should see the better fishing coming from here. We did hear of quite a number of Dollies being caught and released in the Rockport to Marblemount section.

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