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Skagit River Sockeye Season To Open June 16th

The Skagit River will open for sockeye on June 16th and run thru July 15th. The limit will be three sockeye with a minimum length of 12 inches. The river will be open in just a small segment of the Skagit from Hwy 536 in Mount Vernon (Memorial Hwy Bridge to Gilligan Creek).

This fishery is a plunking show with anglers fishing Spin N Glos baited with sand shrimp or coon stripe shrimp. The amount of lead utilized will be dependant upon the flow of the river. Generally, you will be fishing the current line close to the bank, as this is the travel zone that the sockeye follow. Right on the edge of the fast water and the slow water.

These are bright fish , just hours out of the salt water. These are some of the finest eating sockeye around, as they are early returning fish, fat and in their prime. The eggs and sperm are undeveloped as they will not spawn until late September into October.

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