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Skagit River Sockeye Fishery - June 14th Through June 29th

A portion of the lower Skagit will open for sockeye this Saturday, 14th June through Sunday, June 29th. Fishing will be open from Hwy 536 at Mount Vernon (Memorial Hwy Bridge) upstream to the mouth of Gilligan Creek. There will be a two sockeye limit with a 12 inch minimum size limit.  A freshwater license and a salmon punch card will be required.


This fishery has been awaited with great anticipation since the last one two years ago (2012). This is just the second year of this fishery and once again will be a very popular one, as in the last fishery anglers found the fishery to be fantastic with around 4,000 +- landed during a very short season. When the productivity of this fishery got out it has very hard to find a place on the bank to fish.


These are good sized sockeye with fish averaging 6 - 8 pounds with a number pushing 10. The eating qualities of these fish are unserpassed by any sockeye as these are just out of the saltwater on the tide from Skagit Bay and into the cold glacier feed waters of the Skagit. These are without a doubt the finest sockeye we have in the the state both in size and quality.



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