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Skagit River Sockeye Fishery

The lower Skagit sockeye fishery started out slowly with just a fish here and there being caught. We have seen a steady improvement in the number of fish caught every day. We are still a ways out before we will be in the peak of the season. July should see the best fishing until the closure on July 15th.


Remember that we have closures on June 29th and 30th, then again on July 6th, 7th and 11th for tribal fisheries.


For those of you that fish Baker Lake and have been wondering what is going on, here's a little information. Baker Lake is scheduled to open July 8th. As of yesterday there were 53 fish trapped so far at the Baker River fish trap and 10 have been trucked to Baker Lake. If you fish the lake you want to watch the number they have trucked to the lake as an indicator of when you should go. Generally, I would have to say at least 1,000 should be in the lake before you should have a reasonable chance of catching some - but larger numbers are much better.



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