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Shad Numbers Continuing To Climb On Columbia

Yesterday 2,827 shad were counted going though Bonneville Dam. Which really isn't much when it comes to shad but at least it shows the numbers are picking up and it should be just a week or ten days before the fishing should kick off. Once numbers get into the 25 -50 thousand range the fishing will be good. I would say by next weekend things should get good.


Ted's has a very good supply of shad darts on hand at the present time and hopefully we will be able to keep up with things through the season. Last year we ran out of some of the more popular colors half way into the season.


If you haven't fished for shad you have been missing out as they are a good fighting fish for their size and generally you will catch good numbers of them. As far as table fare you will get very mixed reports. Some folks think they are great and others don't think very highly of them. ( I am in the later grouping) But they do make some great crab bait and I always try to freeze a number for the traps.


I will keep you posted on the shad as the season progresses.

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