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Shad Numbers Continue To Increase Over Bonneville Dam

If you want to participate in this years Columbia River shad fishery the time has arrived for you plan a trip. The past couple of days have seen good shad numbers going over Bonneville Dam. Wednesday saw 17,838 and Thursday 10,744 going through the dam. We have had a number of anglers over the past week that have been down and have had good fishing. Fishing will continue to just get better as we have not even reached the peak of the migration. The preseason estimate was for 3.2 million shad for the Columbia.

We have lots of shad darts in stock for this seasons fishery in a variety of colors. We should have good stock for at least a couple of weeks before the selection dwindles. 

We'll be more than happy to help you with this fishery just in case you haven't fished here before.

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