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Seep Lakes Report On Ice Conditions

Here's a little run down on the seep lakes that opened up March 1st. Some are free of ice some are not. Here's what I found out from Mr. Chad Jackson from WDFW in Euphrata yesterday.


Lenice Lake is 100% free of ice and has been fishing well. Some of our customers that fished here have been saying fishing has been good with many catching 20+ fish in a day with most in the 14 - 18 inch range with an odd fish pushing the 20 inch mark.


Nunnally Lake just became free of ice a day or two ago.


Upper Caliche Lake is about 60% free of ice and fishable.


Martha Lake is still only 50% free of ice and fishable.


Burke Lake is still iced over.


Quincy Lake is still mostly iced over, however, there are a few small open water spots near the west boat launch and north central shorelines for anglers who want to hike in.


Dusty and Quincy (walk in lakes) are still frozen over.


The west access road into Quincy Lakes are is still closed. Most of the snow has melted off, but the road is still wet and soft. WDFW wants the road to dry out some more so they can grade and make some minor repairs to the road before opening it up to public access. Look for this road to remain closed for at least one more week.


Lake Lenore is still mostly iced over.


With the warmer weather we are to start seeing I am sure that most everything should be free of ice in a relitively short time.


Hope that this is of some help to all of you planning a trip over the hill for a little trout fishing.


Our thanks to Chad for taking his time to fill us in on things.

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