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Saltwater Steelheading, Whidbey Island

Today was the first day we have seen steelhead taken off the western side of Whidbey island this winter season. One of our regular island steelheaders stopped by this afternoon with a couple of hatchery steelhead taken off the beach. Both were typical winter hatchery steelhead one 5 pounds and the other seven, very typical fish.


With the rivers blown out of shape for the next few days you might give the beaches a try as it will be a few days before they drop into shape after the rain we have had the past few days.


The typical "Bush Point Special" is what you want to be tossing. You can stop by the shop and we'll be glad to show you how to rig up as well as when and where to go. We have some of the "Specials" rigged up or we have everything to put them together yourself.


Some of the most popular spots to intercept these saltwater steelhead is Bush Point, Lagood Point and Fort Casey. Though these are the most popular spots there are many other beaches that could and do produce fish.



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