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Saltwater Steelheading

Though most steelheading is closed in the local area the only exception to that rule is the saltwater fishing. In the Marine Areas of the state steelheading is open year around with a two fish a day (hatchery fish only) limit. The best saltwater steeheading occurs off the western beaches of Whidbey Island, with Bush Point, Lagoon Point and Fort Casey having the reputation for the best productivity. This season has been quite lackluster to say the least for most everyone chasing steelhead and the saltwater scene has been much the same. However, we have a hand full of die hards that are are very persistant in their quests and once in a great while are rewarded. One of the regulars had one of those days today landing 3 today. Two nice winter run fish, which he released and a very nice 10 pound buck early summerrun that was dime bright! So it goes to show you if you are persistent and put in the time you will one day be rewarded!
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