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Saltwater Salmon Action

The saltwater silver action here in the local marine areas has become much more spotty the past week. It's not the fact that there are no longer any fish in the area but that the fish are now moving through the areas quite rapidly. Your success rate is dependent upon if you happen to find the fish or not. We are still seeing some good catches being brought in but those not connecting are becoming greater with each passing day. Coho numbers should continue to be good through the end of the month as we are still seeing good coho numbers in the Straits. The reports over the weekend were next to nothing as the weather did not allow for comfortable fishing to say the least. Some of the best results lately have been coming off Grand Slam Bucktails in white or green as well as the Olympic Tackle Candlefish Flies in the Peacock or Snow White patterns. We are seeing some fairly good blackmouth numbers coming as incidental catches for those anglers dragging deeper on the edge of the drop-offs. Should be a good sign for the upcoming blackmouth season in Marine Area 9 on November 1st.
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