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Saltwater Coho Fishing - October 17th

We have been seeing a slow down in the silver fishing in our local areas this past week. Though things have slowed there are still good numbers of fish around for those that are willing to work at it. Those that have been most productive have been putting in some time and are willing to move around looking for fish. The fish that we are seeing at this time are traveling 20 - 25 miles a day and where they are at one moment they aren't the next. If you heard that one spot was hot yesterday does not mean that it will be hot tomorrow. Toss a coin and take your chances as to where to start, then if you are not seeing any sign of fish then make another choice of spots to try. Listen to your radio to see where other anglers may be connecting and head to those areas. It's just the way it is at this time of the year as these fish have just one thing on their mind and thats to get to the river.

We should see reasonable Coho fishing through the end of the month and then we can switch over to blackmouth in November here in Marine Area 9, 8-1 and 8-2. Remember that Marine Area 10 will close after tomorrow due to emergency closures.

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