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Salmon Opens In Marine Area1(ilwaco) & Marine Area2(westport) 0n Saturday June 8th

The long awaited ocean salmon season will open up this Saturday June 8th off Ilwaco and Westport. These areas will have a two fish limit with a 24 inch minimum on Chinook, anglers will have to release all wild Chinook and all coho, there will be no size restriction on other species . This first portion of the season will run through the 21st of June at Ilwaco and the 22nd at Westport. These areas could close earlier if the guideline of 8,000 is met earlier. Make sure that you read your WDFW regulation pamphlet before fishing to make sure you know the restrictions. I spoke with one of the commercial trollers this AM who had just got off a three day trip last evening to find out what was going on. After a lengthy conversation, he said that he had fished from off Willapa Bay to the south and north to Cape Grenville and had not found any concentration of kings anywhere in that stretch. He mentioned that there were fish just about everywhere but spread out and not schooled up. He did say that a lot of shakers moved into the area just north of Westport (Quinault Casino) off the beach in 20 fathoms (120 feet) to a point that he picked up and left. The fish that he did catch were mostly in the low to mid teens with a 22 pound fish (dressed) being the largest. I will try and get some additional information to post at the end of the week prior to the opener. Good Luck
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