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Salmon Fishing Marine Area 10 (seattle/bremerton)

As on Monday August 6th, we have caught 2,624 Chinook out of our quota of 4,743. With still a couple thousand fish left of our quota we should see a couple of weeks of additional fishing before we are shut down on the Chinook. We have seen some fairly good fishing this past week, with most anglers we have spoken with having no problem catching their hatchery king and a coho for their limit. 

The three spots that have been producing have been the Kingston/Apple Tree, Jefferson Head and the Oil Docks/Richmond Beach areas, all putting out some fairly decent fishing.

Tides this week have been less than ideal with lots of water movement due to the minus tides that we are experiencing. Even with the big exchanges there has still been a good morning bite. Many of our regular guys are not fighting the big tides have have elected to fish the last of the afternoon incoming tide through the high slack and have been doing just fine.

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