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Results From Port Angeles Halibut Derby

Here's the results from this past weekends Port Angeles Halibut Derby. 1st Place 96lbs Robert Deauvais - $5,000.00 2nd Place 93lbs Josh Constant - $2,500.00 3rd Place 89lbs Jesse Ahmann - $1,500.00 4th Place 86lbs Richard Logie - $1,200.00 5th Place 83lbs Robert Shelton - $1,100.00 6th Place 73lbs Kenny Royer - $1,000.00 7th Place 67lbs Dale Clark - $ 800.00 8th Place 64lbs Don Sargent - $700.00 9th Place 60lbs Carla Murphy - $600.00 10th Place 55lbs Tim Allison - $500.00 The 11th through 30th places were for fish 53 pounds down to 36 pounds. There was a total of 617 tickets sold for the derby this year. Weather was good both days of the derby. Congratulations to all of you that placed in the derby and hopefully the rest of you had an enjoyable time.
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