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Reiter Ponds - Skykomish River

We have seen some fairly good steelhead numbers coming out of the Reiter pond section of the Skykomish River since Thursday. We have had a number of customers in yesterday and today that have had limits out of the Reiter Pond / Proctor Creek section of the River. Some of the boaters have also found some fish in the middle and lower sections of the river as there seems to be a fair number of fish that are moving up the river at the present time. Those fishing in these sections of the river are catching transitional fish that are making their way up to the hatchery complexs at Reiter or the Wallace. In these sections of the river they move through with no hesitation and move to the hatchery areas as quickley as they can.


So far this season we are seeing better numbers of hatchery winter stellhead than we saw this past season. Hopefully, we will see this comtinue for some time.

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