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Puget Sound Squidding Reports - 10/26/2015

The squid fishing has been nothing but oustanding this season. In fact, it's one of the best seasons we have seen in recent years. We have seen good fishing virtually everywhere from Edmonds south. With the great fishing trying to find a place to fish off the more popular public wonterfront docks has been a little bit of and issue. The most popular time frame for most folks has been from dusk till arount midnight. By going after midnight you will have no problem finding a place to fish, but you won't be by yourself either. You might even give it a try during the day as we have seen many good catches during this time frame.

Ted's has a large assortment of the most popular squid jigs and will be glad to help you out if you have never fished squid before.

Stop by and we'll give you a hand getting set up.

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