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Puget Sound Squidding Fall 2016

For those of you that look forward to a little calamari, I am pleased to tell you that squidding has started. We have been getting reports over the past couple of weeks. We have been getting reports frome Shilshole, Seattle Waterfront, DesMoines, Tacoma, Kingston and Bremerton. The Edmonds pier just reopened this past Friday and with it's opening it didn't take long before the squiders were out in force. Though not at full swing so far, they are at least catching some squid. One of our customers caught half a limit last night before he got tired of the rain and called it a night. We'll have to wait and see if this season is even close to this past one. It was perhaps the best I have ever seen not only with number of squid, the widespread consistancy and the duration of the season. It was a season where even the most die hard squidder eventually got tired of squidding and quit. Let's see if this season can hold a candle.


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