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Puget Sound Squidding

If you are waiting to do a little squidding as you think the season is just coming up, that is not the case. We have seen some very good squidding for the past few months and it appears that it will just continue. We have been receiving great reports out of all of the typical squid fishing spots. Don't think that you will have the spots to yourself as there are far more folks quidding this year than we have seen in the past. Weekends have seen extremely large numbers of folks virtually everywhere. If you want a little more space to yourself then weeknights or the wee hours of the AM when most folks have gone home are the bet.


Ted's has a large assortment of the most popular squid jigs as well as a fair selection of components for those of you that enjoy building up your own.


We should see good squidding thought the first of the year with the fishery slowing down as the squid go into the spawing season as they die afterward.

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