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Puget Sound Squid Reports

This squid season has been quite differet from the past couple of banner seasons. We see a multitude of folks every day stopping by with squiding reports and virtually everyone is saying that it is no way like it was the past couple of years. Everyone is working har for what they are getting and if anyone has caught their 10 pounds they have put in a long night to do such. We have not heard any outstanding reports from any of the normal squid jigging spots here in Puget Sound.

Though squidding isn't anything like the past few years you can still go and get a couple of pounds if you pu in a little time and effort. Just don't go thinking that it's going to be like last year!

Ted's has everything you need to go squiding, just stop by and we'll be glad to help you out and point out some of the more popular spots.

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