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Puget Sound Ling Cod Fishing

Ling cod season started this past Saturday May 1st here in Puget Sound. Reports have been a little on the slow side for the greatest numbers of angles that we have spoken to, though many have done quite well! We have until June 15th to chase these delictable table fare fish. Here in our section of Puget Sound there is not a great deal of ideal ling cod habitat and one has to be very concise and focus your fishing attention on the structure that holds these fish. In looking for good ling cod spots focus your attention upon areas that have good rocky habitat. If you have rocky habitat and vertical structure all the better! Look for the artifical reefs that have been put in place over the years. Don't overlook the kelp beds of the shallower 15 - 45 foot of water as the keep adhears to the rocky bottom and the kelp provides a good canopy of cover for the lings. Don't overlook small patches of rocky habitat as it is amazing how many lings can call a few bolders home.


There are lots of techniques for fishing ling and all of them are productive. The most popular is to fish a small live fish like a sole, sculpin, shiner perch or greenling. Ling cod find a live bait virtually irresistable. Lead head jigs with a 6 -8 inch grub tail, double tailed scampee or swim bait are good choices. Lead minnows are not to be overlooked either; such as a Point Wilson Dart, Megabait etc. . You can also fish a large herring in a blue or purple sized bait on a heavy mooching leader.


Make sure to fish within a few feet of the bottom. You have to put your bait or lure where they live!

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