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Puget Sound Coho

With the weather outstanding for the next few days it would be a great time to go chase Coho here in Puget sound. We have seen very good fishing for the past ten days or so here in our section of Puget Sound and it should continue for quite some time. The Coho that we have been seeing have been a bit on the smallish side with the average fish in the 3 - 6 pound range with an occasional fish up to around 11 pounds, with those being few and far between. With the pinks being far smaller than we normally see it does not amaze me to see Coho coming back smaller also. I would have to say that the productivity of the ocean was not good in the area which our pinks and Coho feed.


We have been seeing goood numbers of Coho being caught with many anglers finding limits were not to hard to come by. Most have been fishing the typical areas with the Edmond's / Richmond Beach shoreline being productive as well as the Picnic Point to Mukilteo streach. The biggest thing in Coho fishing is to be where they are. These fish can be in 10 feet of water right on the beach or out in the shipping lanes in 600 - 700 feet of water. These are migratory fish and where they are one moment they aren't the next. If you are not seeing signs of fish in your area you need to search them out, don't stick with a spot if it's unproductive. Go look somewhere else!


Get out and enjoy the weekend and perhaps you will find a Coho or two!



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