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Point No Point Chinook Bite Today 28th July

We had a very good report coming from Point No Point today on kings. One of our customers said that he say perhaps 25 - 30 kings caught on the outgoing tide this morning. Most of the fish he saw landed were in the 10 - 13 pound bracket with a few into the mid teens thrown in for good measure. He mentioned out of the 6 that was landed on his boat that 5 of the 6 were in fact hatchery fish. Pehaps the fishing is going to turn around from the slow start. As of this past Friday we had only reached a little over a third of our quota in Marine Area 9 and less than 20 percent in area 10. With the low catch rates that means we will get some additional time to fish. Slow fishing equates to a a longer season while good fishing equates to a short season. Sort of a duoble edge sword!


If you have not fished Point No Point I will have to tell you that it is a mooching show. If you are a troller please do not try and troll through the moochers! It will only cause problems. If you do want to troll then it would be best for you to fish west of the point off of Norwegian Point and down into Skunk Bay, as these areas are also good on the outgoing tide. Once the tide turns and starts to flood then it is best for a troller to move south of Point No Point and fish the Pilot Point down to Kingston drag. Generally, the moochers will call it quits at Point No Point once the tide flattens out on the bottom of the ebb. A few will fish just south of the point on the flats on the first part of the flood tide.

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