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Opening Day Lowland Lakes - Saturday, 27 April

This morning before work I took a little time to see what was happening on the local area lakes. I managed to sample Serene, Stickney and Martha which all opened this morning. As has been the case for many years the amount of participation at all of these lakes is considerably down from what it was when I was young. In fact I would have to say that opening day has become uneventful from the old days when opening day was almost the same as Christmas morning in terms of enthusiasm. Stickney had just a few boats fishing the water and about 11 bank anglers fishing from the WDFW access as well as a few lakeside land owners fishing from their docks. Fishing was slow and the bank anglers had just a few fish amongst them. Martha had perhaps twenty boats fishing the lake and around 30 anglers fishing the docks at the park at the south end of the lake. The dock anglers had a few fish, but averaged less than a fish a person. (Though there were some that were more successful than others with a few having 3 or 4 fish.) There were a few boat anglers that managed to catch their limits and were leaving the lake when I was there. (around 8:15 am) Serene had a few less than 20 boats and no shoreline anglers, as it is very shallow at the WDFW access. This was the lake that was turning out the best fishing of those I stopped at. In speaking with the checker, there had been a number of anglers that caught their limits early and were off the lake quite quickly. In fact one of the anglers fly fishing had caught and released 20 in addition to the limit he retained. There were even a number of carry over fish in the 16 inch plus category caught. With what I saw there is no doubt that I would be fishing Serene from what I saw this morning. Martha may need to warm up just a little bit as it is a deeper lake than Serene.
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