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Olympic Tackle's Grisby Special Mico Nymphs

Ted’s Sports Center has just received a new addition to the already popular line of Olympic Tackle’s Coho Flies. The new item is called Grisby Special Micro Nymphs. These are a smaller mini fly of just 2 ½ inches in length to imitate smaller baitfish in both salt and freshwater environments. These are tied with UV materials to enhance the visibility, top quality materials and epoxy coated heads for additional durability. At the present time they are available in five color combinations:


Pink / White

Blue / White

Green / White

Mixed Color / White



These flies can be utilized in a great number of fisheries, the potentials are endless.  They will be outstanding in our resident coho fisheries in late spring and early summer fished behind a small dodger or flasher when they are targeting the smaller young of the year herring and candlefish. Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish cutthroat fishermen will find them to be a good addition to their tackle boxes as they imitate the smaller baitfish upon which the cutthroat prey. Salmon fishermen fishing Rotators or Buzz Bombs will find them to be a good addition as an enhancement when placed over the hook behind the lure as they have been doing with smaller hoochies over the past few years. Fly fishermen can use them as a tube fly when chasing searun cutthroat, resident coho and Dolly Varden.   


Priced at a reasonable $2.79ea.


Stop by and take a look or you can give us a call and we’ll be glad to ship you some.


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